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UK life  insurance services, offering instant comparative online life insurance quotes and information for  term life insurance, mortgage protection and family income benefit.

 This web site is for UK residents who are looking for an instant online life insurance quote or require further  information on the types of cover  available to them to protect the financial wellbeing of their dependents if unexpected death were to occur. Only term life insurance policies are offered with no investment element attached and therefore they  provide protection only and offer no cash in value at any time .If at any time you require further information regarding any of the UK life insurance  we offer please do not hesitate to contact us It is important for you to fully understand the life insurance policy whether it is Term Life Insurance , Family Income Benefit or Mortgage Protection we will help. If you wish to obtain a no obligation life insurance quote, just complete a simple online quote form and you will receive comparative quotes from the leading UK insurance providers which have been discounted to provide you with competitive affordable life insurance premiums, you are then able to produce personal illustrations, print key features documents and also apply online. If you do decide to make an online application for any of our UK life insurance products please ensure that you have read and fully understand the key features document and always ask us if there is anything that is not fully understood.


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Online UK life insurance quotes are available instantly comparing the leading UK insurance providers.

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Term life insurance information for  UK residents. Obtain a no obligation  quote to compare our discounted premiums.

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A term life insurance policy that pays the benefit as an income rather than a lump sum. Online quotes available.

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The use of term life insurance to provide a benefit to pay off the amount outstanding on a repayment mortgage. Insurance quotes for mortgage protection are available online.


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UK term life insurance rates do take into consideration certain factors like your age, premiums increase with age, your sex, if you are male this will increase life insurance premiums, your smoking habits, if you smoke life insurance premiums will increase. When you complete an application/proposal for life insurance you will be required to answer questions regarding your health and any hazardous pursuits you may be involved in, it is very important to fully disclose anything which may affect your premiums as non disclosure of important facts could make your life insurance void.

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