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Family Income Benefit

Family income benefit (FIB) is term life insurance which instead of paying a lump sum benefit will provide an income during the term of the policy .This type of UK Life Insurance is basically a decreasing term  insurance policy, as the term progresses the potential benefit payment that the insurance company has to pay diminishes and therefore does prove to be an  affordable type of life insurance. Young families can also be protected using family income benefit to ensure that for a certain length of time (the term) if the insured person were to die a regular benefit  would be received by the dependents. Family income benefit can also be index-linked to ensure that the spending power of the benefit is not eroded by inflation.

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Choose the yearly income your family would need if you were to die,  choose how many years you would like to be protected for (term) , enter the details that determine the life insurance premiums i.e. sex, age and smoking habits and you will be presented with quote comparisons from the leading UK life insurance companies. If you then require further information or explanations contact us at or telephone 020 8797 2837 and we will send the key features document and explain any part of the life insurance features which are not fully understood.

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